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Terms of Use

Warranty and Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing Please review the following Warranty Policy and Terms of Use to understand our commitment to providing quality accounts and offer a secure and satisfactory experience for our customers.

Warranty Policy:

1. We guarantee the full validity of accounts within 24 hours after purchase if no rules have been violated.

2. After delivery, the buyer must immediately log in to check for any account lock issues. If a lock is detected, the buyer should report it promptly to change to another account.

3. In the case of login issues with the delivered account (eg, wrong password), the buyer must report it within 24 hours to claim warranty and request a replacement account.

Note:  It is important to check accounts immediately upon purchase for any locks and inform the seller for account renewal. After 24 hours from the time of account delivery, we do not take responsibility for the account. Test accounts before buying in bulk

Terms of Use:

1. Always secure your accounts by changing passwords and email passwords a few hours after logging in.

2. We will replace accounts if they become invalid due to's fault (eg, blocked, deleted, incorrect login credentials). If an invalid account cannot be replaced, a refund will be issued to the wallet.

3. The following actions are strictly prohibited for accounts purchased from
   - Engaging in activities that harm others (eg, bullying, spam, threats) or illegal actions (eg, fraud, extortion, data theft).
   - Using anonymous TOR browser.
   - Using virtual machines, device emulators, servers.
   - Using proxies and devices obtained through unauthorized means (eg, botnets).
   - Logging into multiple accounts using the same device and proxy server.
   - Using prohibited programs and services.

4. Each account must be used with one legal private IPv4 proxy server and one new device for security purposes.

Rules & Policy

- and its employees do not provide training or advice employees.

- and its do not store the history of sold employees accounts or the accounts themselves. Customers are responsible for data preservation.

- We reserve the right:
  - Not to change accounts if the issue is due to customer actions after login.
  - Not to provide refunds for valid accounts due to inattentive purchases.
  - To block customers and deny refunds in cases of spamming, negative reviews on third-party resources, or disrespectful behavior towards our support team.

By making a purchase, you confirm that:
- You have read the account descriptions in detail.
- You will change passwords and take responsibility for account security during prolonged use.
- The guarantee is canceled in case of violation of warranty policy 2., and you have no claims against

Thank you for adhering to these policies and terms. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.